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lab diamond tennis necklace
lab diamond tennis necklace

The Perfect Diamond Tennis Necklace


Crafted with Take Two Lab Created Diamonds

Recycled mined diamonds can be substituted upon request.

E/F (colorless) VS+ (eye clean)

5cts diamonds

Handcrafted in 14K White Gold

16" (can be made longer, please email to request a custom length in the notes section of your order).take two jewelry logo

Introducing the Take Two Diamond Tennis Necklace – a modern masterpiece that redefines luxury. Our Tennis Necklace has been thoughtfully engineered to enhance the radiance of each perfectly cut diamond. Set in a minimalist, custom-designed setting that is sleeker than the traditional, the diamonds appear to float gracefully along the neckline, creating an uninterrupted stream of shimmering light. The effect is a dazzling dance of sparkle that seems to defy gravity, offering an illusion of diamonds suspended in an eternal embrace with your skin.

The tennis necklace, historically known as an eternity necklace, gained its current moniker from a famous incident involving a professional tennis player in the 1980s. During a vigorous US Open match, the athlete's diamond necklace broke and scattered across the court. Unwilling to play without her signature sparkle, she requested a pause in the match to collect her precious diamonds. Since then, the tennis necklace has become synonymous with tenacity and timeless elegance.

Our Take Two Tennis Necklace takes this legacy forward. By choosing lab-grown diamonds, we celebrate the iconic status of the tennis necklace while embracing a future of sustainable luxury. Our diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in their chemical, physical, and optical properties but created in the US with minimal environmental impact, and handcrafted by our master jewelers who of course are fairly paid. Opting for our Tennis Necklace means investing in a piece that is not only visually superior, but also ethically superior.


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