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We are a collective of master jewelers, artists, and gemstone experts, brought together in New York City by our shared enthusiasm and a mutual realization: the pieces we desired to own were often out of reach, hindered by inflated pricing, ethical concerns, or simply their absence in the market. Launched at the end of 2023, Take Two is a tribute to the craftsmanship of heritage brands, blending our ambition to create heirloom-quality pieces designed for everyday wear.

Take Two is a homage to the unmatched craftsmanship of heritage brands, yet with a forward-thinking approach to luxury. Our mission? To create a dialogue around thoughtful consumption that stands in stark contrast to the fleeting trends of today's market.

Take Two stands for more than just "must-have" pieces (because, let's be frank, nothing related to fine jewelry is ever truly a "must-have"). It's a call to contribute positively to the world. Whether or not you choose to acquire one of our pieces, we invite you to join our collective and celebrate the beauty of the past while exploring new possibilities for the future.

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Act I begins with Colombian emeralds. Coveted for their rarity and beauty but often considered too fragile for daily wear or as the focal point of an engagement ring, the mining of these precious stones in Colombia has been historically marred by ethical and environmental concerns. From the exploitation of indigenous peoples during the early days of the Spanish conquest to modern issues of unfair labor practices—including inadequate working conditions, worker exploitation, and a lack of fair compensation—the legacy of Colombian emerald mining is a complex tapestry of breathtaking beauty overshadowed by troubling practices. These issues also mirror broader problems within the gemstone mining industry, where the quest for beauty frequently comes at a human cost. This inspired us to develop our signature II Emeralds, which possess the same physical and optical properties as the rarest green emeralds, without the historical baggage. Our lab-grown emeralds are not only identical to their mined counterparts in every respect; they also come with a lifetime warranty, allowing you to wear them daily with confidence, assured that we've got you covered should anything happen to your emerald.

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Take Two Fine Jewelry is handcrafted by the same third-generation master jewelers who have collaborated with world-renowned heritage brands such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Harry Winston. Our artisans, deeply respectful of their craft, merge age-old techniques with the benefits of today's technology, using solid gold, platinum, and precious gemstones, both mined and lab grown. Take Two was born from a passionate desire to redefine luxury because we believe that perfect fine jewelry should be responsibly sourced, reasonably priced, and well loved and enjoyed.

We aim to marry classic luxury with contemporary innovation, redefining the experience of owning and appreciating fine jewelry in today's world. At Take Two, we honor tradition while embracing the potential of modern advancements. Our collections are thoughtfully curated to pay homage to the masterful designs and intricate details that have characterized exceptionally handcrafted fine jewelry for generations. Yet, each piece is reimagined through the lens of cutting-edge technology, ensuring precision, sustainability, and a new standard of luxury.



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