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green emerald signet ring
lab emerald signet ring yellow gold
green emerald yellow gold ring
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Green Emerald Signet Ring

Finger Size4
Emerald OrientationVertical

Crafted with our Take Two Columbian Emerald

Our Take Two lab grown Colombian Emeralds are created with meticulous care and attention to detail in order to embody the same physical and optical properties that have made their mined counterparts the stuff of legend. Each emerald from our exclusive collection is identical to natural Colombian emeralds, offering the same vivid green color and characteristic inclusions that tell a tale as old as time.

This stone has been custom cut in our signature Take Two Elongated Antique Cushion cut shape, that we aptly refer to as the "New Mine cut".

Emerald: ~3.2ct, 8x10mm Intense Green

Handcrafted in 18K Yellow Gold

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Designed to pair perfectly with our multiway necklace.

The Take Two Emerald Signet Ring pays homage to the venerable signet ring, a relic of antiquity emblematic of familial lineage and personal insignia, artfully re-envisioned with a modern aesthetic. Our use of 18k gold for this piece (instead of 14k) showcases the splendor of Colombian emeralds, gems celebrated since ancient times for their deep, vivacious green color, a symbol of opulence that has graced the assemblages of both royalty and aficionados, while being durable enough for everyday wear.

As with our other pieces, this design was handcrafted by our master jewelers in NYC using our signature lab grown Colombian emerald. Enrobed in a sleek but hefty 18k yellow gold gypsy style setting, it feels both classic and contemporary and could pass as a family heirloom (but better). By choosing a lab created stone, we celebrate the timeless appeal of the classic emerald while embracing the benefits of modern science - each gem is ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, and offers unparalleled cut and color.

This piece transcends the limitations of vintage signet rings, which often come with the wear and tear of time that while nice in theory, aren't always ideal visually. Our ring is not only beautifully made piece of fine jewelry, it's a statement of sustainability and a testament to our ethos of uncompromising perfection.


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