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lab diamond heart bezel studs

Heart Diamond Bezel Studs


Crafted with Take Two Lab Created Diamonds

Recycled mined diamonds can be substituted upon request.

E/F (colorless) VS+ (eye clean)

0.50cts diamonds (0.25cts each ear)

Handcrafted in 14K Yellow Goldtake two jewelry logo

The heart-shaped diamond, with its intricate symmetry and complex facets, is a marvel of diamond cutting skill. This cut requires exceptional precision, as it is the epitome of a diamond cutter's artistry, designed to maximize the stone's brilliance and fire. A symbol of love and devotion, the heart diamond's origins can be traced back to the regal courts of the 16th century, where it was a favorite among royalty and the nobility as a sign of status and affection.

Our Heart Diamond Bezel Studs modernize this historic gem. Each perfectly cut heart diamond is encased in an ultra thin handcrafted bezel setting, providing a sleek and contemporary frame that accentuates the stone's perfect shape and luster. These studs bring together the old-world romance of the heart cut with a sleek modern twist.


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