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green emerald diamond tois et moi
green emerald yellow gold bezel gypsy ring toi et moi lab antique cushion old mine cut colombian emerald halo pave engagement ring
green emerald diamond toi et moi engagement ring
green emerald and diamond toi et moi

Green Emerald and Diamond Duo Ring


Crafted using a Take Two Lab-Grown Diamond and Colombian Emerald.

A recycled mined diamond and colombian emerald can be used to recreate this design upon request

These stones have been custom cut in our signature Take Two Elongated Antique Cushion "New Mine" cut to pair perfectly together.

Diamond: 3.21ct E/VVS2 (IGI certified)

Emerald: 8x10mm Intense Green

Diamonds (in setting): 88 stones, 0.75cts - For this particular setting design, we've chosen to use recycled mined diamonds due to the fact that both the quality, cost, and ethical/environmental considerations were comparable to it's lab grown counterpart once calculated. However, we are equally equipped to customize your piece with lab-grown melee diamonds upon request. E/F VS+

Handcrafted in Platinum

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The vibrant green emerald, a gemstone of romance and renewal, pairs harmoniously with a perfectly matching custom cut elongated antique cushion cut diamond, creating a striking contrast that is both unique and timeless. The Toi et Moi design, French for "You and Me," has a rich history dating back centuries, famously represented in the engagement ring given by Napoleon Bonaparte to Josephine de Beauharnais in 1796.

Our creation is a tribute to the iconic green emerald and diamond Toi et Moi ring, famously reimagined by Jackie Kennedy, infused with a contemporary twist. Dedication to perfection led us to spend over a year custom designing and cutting the perfect elongated antique cushion cut, which we affectionately call the "New Mine" cut, drawing inspiration from its venerable predecessor, the old mine cut. This exquisite diamond and emerald pairing is then meticulously set on a handcrafted three-row pavé shank, marrying the piece with unparalleled beauty and precision.

This "New Mine" Toi et Moi ring is crafted for those who cherish the fusion of historical allure and modern sophistication. It stands as an exemplary choice for engagements, anniversaries, or simply as a profound expression of love, poised to become a treasured family heirloom. Designed to be worn for both special occasions and embraced as a daily luxury, this ring is guaranteed to captivate anyone who appreciates beauty and art. With each glance, it serves as a mesmerizing reminder of enduring love..and style.


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