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Timeless Emerald Cut Diamond Hoop Earrings and lab green emerald necklace in yellow gold.
lab emerald cut diamond hoop earrings
lab grown emerald cut diamond hoops
lab emerald diamond hoops

Emerald Diamond Huggies

Diamond OriginLab Grown
ColorYellow Gold

Hand selected colorless, eye clean mined or lab created diamonds of your choice. 

3cts diamonds (1.50cts each ear)

Handcrafted in Solid 14K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold

Ready to ship

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Designed to be the perfect understated diamond earrings to match your ring and bracelet.

The Emerald cut, renowned for its clean lines and symmetrical facets, dates back to the 1500s when stonecutters initially developed this cut for emeralds, hence its name. This cut was designed to protect the gemstones from the stress of cutting and wear, highlighting its clarity and broad flashes of light, or "hall of mirrors" effect. Adopted for diamonds, the emerald cut maintains its legacy of sophistication and refinement, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate the blend of historical richness and contemporary brilliance. Our Emerald cut Diamond Huggies are meticulously crafted with hand selected flawlessly cut emerald diamonds that have been set in a seamless line to represent an unending "hall of mirrors" that will reflect the beauty of the world around you whenever you put them on.


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